Enhance your Mental Health and Well-Being in the Arts District

Enhance your Mental Health and Well-Being in the Arts District

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and many of the local shops and businesses within the Arts District offer services for enhancing mental health and whole body, mind, and spiritual wellness.

From therapy and counseling to studios specializing in Reiki, meditation, dance, and language learning, along with unique gyms focused on holistic health rather than just toning—many of the businesses here are united by a vision to help individuals achieve wellness.

Check out many of the local businesses in the Arts District to enhance your Mental Health and Well-Being.

Natalie Walsh

Natalie Walks guides clients to identify and release what’s no longer serving them in order to move forward to live a life filled with passion and purpose, shining their inner light on their own life as well as those around them!

Tip from Natalie Walsh: Through our lives we take on the weight of grief, limiting beliefs, physical, mental, and energetic blocks from traumas, past “versions” of ourselves which we become attached to, even when that version is no longer feeling good or bringing us joy! I help clients to clear that and welcome new abundant energy into their bodies, their energy, their homes, their work, and their relationships so they can live the beautiful, purposeful, peaceful life they were put on earth to live! Learn more about Natalie Walsh.

Mosaic Counseling & Wellness

Mosaic believes that there is room for growth in all of our lives. They understand that the fit between therapist and client is essential to success as healing occurs within relationships. They practice from an insight-oriented, collaborative, and individualized approach to meet the unique needs of clients. They offer services for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Mosaic therapists work with clients to co-create an empathic and accepting space where they can feel safe while also feeling challenged to work towards change.

Tip from Mosaic: Take a moment for yourself today with the gentle art of journaling. Amidst life’s hustle, it’s important to pause, breathe, and reconnect with your inner world. Carve out some quiet time, grab your favorite notebook, and let your thoughts flow freely onto the page. Nurture your mind, one entry at a time. Learn more about Mosaic.

Purple Sun Arts

“Raise Your Vibration” is the theme at Purple Sun Arts. Visit the shop to see a delightful collection of Cicada inspired paintings, artwork, and jewelry that will inspire and help you raise your vibration. The shop offers an immersive arts experience for those who seek purpose and meaning.

Tip from Purple Sun: Try out Cosmic Smashbooking™ and Cosmic Coaching™ with Dr. Ann Viernes, founder of Purple Sun Arts. Her workshops and transformational life coaching sessions helps clients create more purpose and meaning in their lives.

Fifty First Street Studio

Fifty First Street is a shop and studio for people interested in fostering a creative lifestyle. The studio offers workshops for all ages to learn new visual art skills, find connection with themselves and others, and expand the boundaries of their own creativity.

Tip from Cassie, owner of Fifty First Street: Pop in and check out the ceramics + goods in the store. She encourages you to them in your hands and feel the weight of each piece. These items are meant to be used and loved. Consider a workshop to expand the boundaries of your own creativity! Learn more about Fifty First Street.

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