Art and Wine Walk

The Art and Wine Walk on Harrison isn’t just about appreciating art and indulging in culinary delights—it’s also a community event that fosters connections and camaraderie. Attendees have the opportunity to mingle with local artists, business owners, and fellow art enthusiasts, forging new friendships and strengthening bonds within the community. The second annual event will take place Saturday, December 14, 2024. More information coming soon.

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The Art and Wine Walk on Harrison in the Oak Park Arts District is a delightful fusion of culture, creativity, and indulgence. Set amidst the charming streets of the arts district, this event offers attendees the opportunity to explore local art galleries, boutiques, and businesses while savoring fine wines and enjoying live entertainment.

As participants stroll along Harrison Street, they are greeted by a vibrant array of artwork displayed in gallery windows, on sidewalks, and inside various establishments. From contemporary paintings and sculptures to handmade jewelry and ceramics, there’s something to captivate every art enthusiast’s eye. Artists themselves often set up booths to showcase their work and engage with visitors, providing insights into their creative processes.